“US Pool Lifts Independence lift fits perfectly with my pool and the décor of my patio! The quality of this lift is incomparable. I am physically disabled and have been on plenty of pool lifts and the Independence lift outmatches them all, hands down!”

– Cara Moro

Orlando, FL
Residential Owner

“I am very pleased with US Pool Lifts,Inc. I had researched all my options, before purchsing multiple lifts for my properties. The 'Idependence' model was a perfect fit, very small foot print, top quality electronics, and with the NAAC certificate it assures me that my guest will be safe ad the lift will last.”

– P.D. Gadhia

Sarasota, FL
Hotel Owner

“US Pool Lifts “Independence” model looks great with the décor of my patio and pool. I enjoy the custom fitted full pool lift cover which protects my lift from being tampered with and keeps it clean when it’s out of use…Most importantly I have the peace of mind knowing that I have the highest qualified and only ADA certified lift in the U.S.A.”

– Oral Ali

Merritt Island, FL
Hotel Owner

“US Pool Lifts, Inc is a great company to do business with. They make a high quality lift, provide excellent customer service and I have recommended them to many of my fellow AAHOA members that are looking to purchase a lift for their properties.”

– Jay Patel

Tampa, FL
AAHOA Regional Director Florida Region/Hotel Owner